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  • Hello,
    I’m the founder of Lanta Animal Welfare in Koh Lanta Thailand.
    In August a 1 yr old male dog by the name of Mr. Fox (renamed to Ace Fox) was adopted out from Lanta Animal Welfare to Holland and was rehomed at your shelter.
    Gerda and Iris helped to take Mr. Fox there.
    While we are so happy for Foxie, we have no information about his new life.
    We had foxie for almost a year and nursed him through an injury so naturally we want to know how he is doing.
    We would just like to know how he is doing and it would be wonderful if we were able to contact the new owner and have an update on how he is doing, as with any of our dearest animals who are adopted out. We did hear through the grape wine that he was adopted, but I see he is now back on your web site, does that mean he back again?
    So we would be grateful if you can get back to us about Foxie’s new life.

    Thanking you immensely for your hard work!

    Kind regards,
    Junie Kovacs
    Director & Founder of

    Helping Koh Lantas Community & Animals by:
    – sterilization & rabies vaccination programs
    – first aid & recovery center
    – oversea adoption program
    – volunteer programs
    – education

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